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. . . for passive cooling of liquids in industrie

In many production factories an internal cold water network is already installed. In this case, instead of a water chiller a corresponding water/water heat exchanger can be used.

As opposed to liquid chillers, which achieve their cooling capacity through an "active" refrigeration unit operating autonomously, the water/water heat exchanger is supplied by a cooling, external water network.

This "passive" unit withdraws excess heat from the liquid to be cooled (secondary circuit) with the help of a heat exchanger and passes it to the cold water network (primary circuit). In line with both liquid chiller series WK and R there are currently two ranges with water/water heat exchangers which are respectively compatible with the corresponding "active" unit.

Both standard ranges:

WWP SERIES  . . .   appropriate for the water chillers in the WK series
RWSERIES  . . .   as alternative to the liquid chillers in the R series